A Kitten Update: Good bye to the world's most perfect kittens

For the past two weeks, I was lucky enough to foster the worlds cutest, most well-behaved kittens. They were foster kittens #16 + #17 and lovingly renamed after my favorite gingers (My friend Carly and Matt Bonner). 

My friends have confirmed--these are the best foster kittens I've ever had. They were so happy to prance from one lap to another, and they never got overwhelmed, even when there were 10+ new people for them to meet all at once. 

They also made excellent coworking partners--lots of lap snuggling and wrist warming.

 I had to send them back early so I could go home to Baltimore to get my wisdom tooth removed. The cab ride back to the ASPCA was miserable---they were so unhappy to be in their carrier and basically cried the whole way. Luckily (?) my cab driver was listening to a Spanish-language marriage counseling radio program, so he didn't notice.

2014-08-17 22.22.53.jpg

When we got to the ASPCA, they were still shy of the 2lb mark, so they got placed back in the foster pool. I'm torn---while I don't want them to spend a single night in an ASPCA cage, I also selfishly hope they're waiting for me on Tuesday, when the ASPCA reopens, so I can scoop them up and taken them back home.  Only time will tell!