Boo! A Halloween Recap and Being Scared.

Well, what can I say? 51 days ago, I packed up and shipped eight years worth of belongings and said so long to the people, industry, and city that I love so much. Approximately 12 hours later, I started a new job! ....without an apartment, bed, or even a phone capable of navigating San Francisco's streets. It was a rough start, but it turns out all you need to move are patient, kind friends waiting for you on the other side. All of this is a long way of explaining why I am writing a belated Halloween post in January. 

Photo courtesy of Priscilla Cheng

In some ways, the timing of my move was fortuitous. I co-opted my Halloween party into a surprise-I-am-moving party, so there was no need to go around making appointments with friends to deliver some somber news. (Fact: it is very difficult to deliver sad news when dressed up as Ariana Grande.) 

I like my party decorations + activities to be as interactive as possible. In the spirit of Halloween, I wanted my friends to share all the serious and silly things that scared them. Thus, the Boo Wall was born.

I cut out 30+ ghosts out of construction paper and my friend Shifra artfully designed their eyewear and makeup. As people got in the spirit (read: drunker), some ghosts turned a bit... x-rated and went on the move.

Photo courtesy of Khalid Ahmed

51 days ago, what scared me the most was starting over. Now that I've already gone and done that, all that's left to conquer are my other fears, ones that now seem tiny in comparison to a cross-country move. That means writing more, being more honest and more patient, and exploring my new city, until it's not so new to me anymore. Here's to being less of a scaredy cat in 2015.