Hot Off the Presses: A Tabloid Zine

I find celebrity gossip weirdly thrilling + revealing about people. In college, I wrote a very long, mostly researched paper on how society uses celebrities to establish and reinforce morals + acceptable behaviors. (I also wrote two papers on J.Lo, but that's besides the point). 

So when I signed up for a zine workshop at SCRAP, I knew I'd be collaging some scandalous headlines. There were three other people in my workshop class, including an eight-year-old girl whose zine was obviously the best (the history of Narwals, a prelude to her next zine, Narvals vs. Zombie Unicorns).

It turns out all you need to make zines is time, access to a photocopier, and like $35 cash if you want to table at a big festival. Seriously, I've wandered the aisles of Brooklyn + NYC Zine Fest and felt not cool enough to sit behind a table, and (like most things) that was all in my head.

SF Zine Fest is in August, and knowing that I could volunteer or table makes me feel very happy to have something to look forward to --- like this big, sometimes smelly city is actually starting to feel like home. It helps that I bought a bike today and took a celebratory ride to the beach. Watch out --- these zines are hitting the road (as soon as I recover from my sunburn!).