How to Cure Homesickness

I've been really homesick lately. (Which home? All of them). It kind of snuck up on me, and then it hit me like a truck. Feelings are annoying, especially when they inspire bad metaphors. ANYWAY I'm reminding myself of all the things that help when I'm feeling homesick (not counting exercise, which is probably better (FOR ME) than everything on this list). 


  • Yogurt Biscuits: When I'm feeling sad, it usually means my fridge is empty. So I'm sad AND hungry, which is a terrible combination. That's where Mark Bittman's yogurt biscuits come in --- in under an hour, I can have flaky, warm biscuits using that old carton of greek yogurt that was on the brink of molding anyway. Recipe here.
  • Black Bean Soup: This soup was a little bit of summer, dressed up for winter. It's also SO cheap to make, which is good because I usually get sad right around when my bank account is on life support. There are a million recipes online, but I usually just throw everything together and add lime. (Also a good life motto.)


  • Make anything: When I worked from home, I was always on a nail art bender, SF was all about making gifs, and now I can't stop collaging. It makes me happy to hold something that I've made. Selfishly, it makes me even happier to share it, whether I'm obnoxiously wiggling my fingers in someone's face or sending out DIY snail mail. 


  • Find something to pet: Last week, I was helping dogsit a geriatric corgi. He was very sweet and SO slow. He also found every single chicken bone within a four-block radius of my apartment. Anyway, he loved me because I took him on walks and sometimes gave him popcorn. He didn't care about looming deadlines, texts + emails I should have replied to, or how I still haven't bought put my bike together. While canvassing this weekend, someone let me pet their French bulldog puppy, and it made my shift 100% better.

  • GO TO SLEEP: I'm so bad at this one, for no good reason. Sometimes I pretend that the longer I stay awake, the farther away tomorrow is. That is wrong. Sleep is good for me, and I shouldn't fight it.

  • Cry: Sometimes I think not crying takes more effort than crying, so I like to go all in on my feelings. But I try to trick myself into crying only happy tears by watching a dumb sappy show (This Is Us is VERY good for this) or a very moving YouTube video (I've watched the fake Adeles video 600 times), or even a very moving YouTube playlist (always soldiers coming home to their dog). Then when it's over, it's out of your system, and you're cured!!!!! SIKE but I always feel better than when I started, and that's what counts.

Words written this week: 803 words. (Yikes! And also I bet this is not unrelated to feeling sad).