Good bye, Semester One. Hello, 2017!

I started this semester very afraid of being in school, of being so far removed from things like tests and papers and friends. It turned out to be great. Better than great — WHERE I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE. Then the election happened and all those fears came back, just in different ways, like being afraid of strangers and pining after cities with fewer Trump supporters. But if 2016 has taught me anything, it's that fear is not a very effective use of my time.  

Because some pretty great things happened, in between being afraid and feeling like the world was going to end. On the happiest weekend of the year, I found out I got into grad school with enough funding to make attending possible, I ran along the ocean in what would be my best race ever, and followed up that run with monster biscuits and shrimp and grits and then my favorite party ever, my Valentine's Day lovesagana party with everyone I knew + loved in San Francisco. In 2016 my baby cousins stopped forgetting my name, because I was finally around more to spoil them with slurpees. And after years of being unable to put a single thing in the mailbox, I sent out 33 (!!!) cards. (This is maybe my favorite accomplishment of 2016.)

There was so much love in 2016: My friends made a baby (!) and they planned beautiful, boozy weddings. Some of my favorite people in the world yes to proposals. There was a home waiting for me in every city I visited and people cheering for me + letting me cheer for them. If 2017 it going to be anything like that, I would be very lucky. And in the worst case scenario, it will be the emotional fuel I need to join the RESISTANCE!! (JK... maybe). Either way, I'll be ready.