This Week in Wins + Losses

This week's wins: triumphing over my sickness!!!!!! Goodbye piles of tissues and emergen-C, hello moving my body again. I can't stop talking about this gym I found on Groupon. I am OBSESSED. The average age of the ladies in my workout classes is 40 years old, but a lot are much older than that. They kick my ass and look graceful while doing it. I hope to be as fit and perfectly coiffed as them one day. 

Also a win: Discovering THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF!!! I am a dumb dumb for not watching this sooner. It's so good and also the perfect reward for a day's worth of work or.... four day's of stressing over a discussion-leading session that was obviously FINE because I am qualified for grad school, even if my brain sometimes tries to trick me into thinking I'm not.

One more win: Everyone in my family has a tamale lady. She sells tamales out of her car, her house, her church parking lot, whatever. She's possibly the most reliable person in your life: You can text her and she'll have tamales for you, always. (Don't ask me which tamale lady is the best because it'll lead to a civil war.) Anyway, I made empanadas for a latino event on campus and TWO ladies asked me to be their empanada lady. I was truly honored that these two ladies would trust me to be their snack constant. And after watching TGBBO, I'm basically ready to commit myself to a life of baking. Does every country have a Martha or a Mary Berry? I must find out. 

And losses this week — what can I say. This week, the busses are my enemy. I have missed so many busses, gotten on the wrong bus, let someone check their bank account statement (???) on my phone while on a bus, the list goes on. I LOVE public transportation, but only after I can get around in my sleep, aka in two years, when I've finally figured out where all the bus lines go. Until then, I'll be walking.