How Is It Already February (AKA Almost March)?!

In the six weeks since my last post, I've visited San Francisco, Philadelphia, Washington D.C.,  Baltimore, and Detroit. I didn't mean to book so much travel all at once, but I'm so happy it happened. I roller skated and marched, spent some time staring at lakes and murals, laughing at puppies and listening to some brilliant writers. In the days in between city hopping, I celebrated my first Valentine's Day in a city far away from my old friends. Luckily, all my new friends came to party and eat lovesagna with me.

I feel very grateful to have people I love (and guest bedrooms!) waiting for me in far away cities. And now at six months into Pittsburgh, I can say I have friends here too. When I'm in my most wallowing mood, I feel stranded in the middle of the US, but these six weeks have been a nice reminder that PA is not an island. (Duh, but also, WHY is it so big?!)

I've also started writing A LOT more. Both for myself and for other people, including Brit + Co and The Relish. I feel my best when my life is full of work I love + deadlines, so this has gone a long way to making me feel sane + productive. And as an added perk, I now feel less guilty about shopping at Sephora. (<3 you, dumbly overpriced conditioner.)

My favorite articles are my weekly YA author interviews, with cool ladies like Lilliam Rivera, Rhoda Belleza, and Stephanie Garber. I always underestimate how much YA authors champion each other, and every week, it makes me so happy to hear these amazing writers pushing other people's books. 

Next week is my spring break, which I'm hoping to spend doing very nerdy things like cutting things out of magazines, going to the movies alone, and enrolling in an online class on excel. I'm also gathering the courage to start running again and maybe even finally signing up for a race.

Also up on the agenda: figuring out what I'm doing this summer. I am open to everything, especially if it puts me  in a city with a constant stream of sunlight. Surprise, a pale ghost wrote this blog post!