2017 Summer Updates

School is out!!!! And I'm an intern in a New York City, living like it's 2009. JK I'm an old now. Everything is new and also the same! Here are some things I have been up to:

1. I made a website! Rhoda Belleza is the amazing author of Empress of a Thousand Suns and she's also my friend who let me bully her into making her a site. Go check it out.

#weekendgoals #eventhedogsarecoolerthanme

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2. I'm an intern! In New York! I'm at the National Book Foundation, reading 1-2 books a week and taking beautifully lit selfies at Battery City Park during my lunch break. Truly the dream. I had lots of mixed feelings coming back to NYC and whether it would mean instantly reverting back to my (very broke, very insecure) 25 year-old self, but instead, the last few weeks have been peak Angela: nerding out over literary things, eating lots of noodles, stalking dogs, investing in out-of-my-budget hair products and treatments (#cantstopwontstop), and reclaiming my favorite place in the whole world: Prospect Park. Aka, everyone was right. Thank you, everyone, for being the voice of reason.

3. Still writing! In the past five months, I've interviewed some incredible women --- from writers like Heather Demetrios and Patricia Engel to some kickass creative ladies like Alyssa Nassner. And this month, I wrote a little essay about a TV tradition that made me very happy for seven years. (UGH I still haven't accepted PLL being gone forever.) And I've gotten better about dragging around my notebook, so I can write stuff for MYSELF. I have been 50% successful this month, which is more than 0%. 


4. Ian Harding knows I exist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fun fact: Ezra and I share a mutual friend (LOL "Ezra and I").  She sent him my Instagram photo, and the rest is dreams-come-true history. PLL may be over, but I'm riding this high for the next two months.