Hello, I live in Pittsburgh.

I moved! 25 days ago! Now I live in a city that is 2,581 miles away from San Francisco. When I first moved to SF, I was very, very homesick. Like don't talk to me, I'm a big grump and I'm going to purposefully smell the pee on the street and be mad about it homesick. Guess what: I was not fun to be around! Then I learned I liked running and spending time outside (WHO KNEW?!), my job got less stressful, I made new friends, and life got better, just like everyone said it would. It was like a movie montage, only with more burritos and (tragically) no cute guy at the end. 

UGH to the double article. Bad editing! But how charming is The Rock? If you don't follow him on Insta, you should.

UGH to the double article. Bad editing! But how charming is The Rock? If you don't follow him on Insta, you should.

Sometimes I think about all the bedrooms I've lived in. They're too far away from each other; it's a fact. Another fun fact: my mental image of my SF bedroom is mattress-less, because my mattress went to Burning Man without me. (How rude!) 

Now I'm in Pittsburgh, which is both closer and farther away from all the homes I've ever lived in. I go to school, workout (sometimes), read and read, and sometimes write. It's kind of a dream, except for the part where my friends are far away. It's a very sad situation, but I'm not sad all the time. It's truly a miracle. Or maybe growing up. WHO KNOWS.

In SF, I learned a lot about myself and what makes me happy. Most (ALL) of it came from letting go of dumb ideas, like being an "outside person" was just for people who had grown up camping, or working out could never be fun. I used to think everyone else could pull off bold lips, but not me. That was so wrong. (LOL) Okay but seriously, it turns out that when you drop your #nonewfriends mentality and let people introduce you to the things they love, you GROW. AS A HUMAN. (Ugh this realization was just as annoying as finding out that exercise really does make you feel better.). So like my girl JLO, I'm gonna try channel a judgement-free zone and be open to new experiences. It's really hard (for me), but I'm going to do it anyway. 

Happy Holidays From My Favorite People!

Glue sticks + tabloids + scissors = my favorite activity.  Add some holiday cheer and a shiny gold pen, and it's my zine dreams come true, in the form of DIY Christmas cards. Who better to wish you happy holidays than the crazy faces that stare at you every week in the grocery aisle? 

The same trusty seven magazines have served me well since Valentine's Day, but I think it's time to treat myself to new celebs + headlines in the new year. Here's to another year of making messes and being silly.

A Dad-to-be Baby Shower: When Creepy Meets Glitter & a Lot of Love

This week, I threw my friend his NYC baby shower, to celebrate his soon-to-arrive baby girl. Three important things to know about me: I love glitter, hosting parties, and forcing people to do arts and crafts, which, it turns out, is the perfect combination for a successful baby shower.

I made a homemade banner out of glitter paper. I used blue and pink glitter letters because heteronormativity sucks. 

I made a homemade banner out of glitter paper. I used blue and pink glitter letters because heteronormativity sucks. 

When I started planning the shower, there were a few logistical challenges:

  1. It was a baby shower for the dad-to-be. If you google "dad baby showers," you'll mostly find beer/diaper kegger parties. While I enjoy a good beer, a keg seemed highly impractical for a Monday night. 
  2. The mother-to-be couldn't attend, as she's in Texas. This meant that most of the traditional baby shower games were out, like measuring the belly with toilet paper. (Although to be honest, this sounds like the worst game ever, along with all the poop themed games. I can't get behind poop games. (pun intended!)).
  3. There could be no physical presents, as my friend was heading back to Texas with limited suitcase space. (All the gifts were pre-shipped to Texas).

I should also add that at this point in my life, 99% of pregnancy/birth seems creepy and/or terrifying, so rather than pretend it's not, I decided to embrace it! What follows is what happens when creepy meets glitter and a lot of love.

Game #1: Creepy Babies Floating in My Drink, or "My Water Broke"

2014-09-09 15.42.50.jpg

The second I saw the photos of frozen plastic babies on another blog, I knew I needed them ASAP. I bought two 12 packs of tiny plastic babies and froze them in ice cubes. Once everyone arrived, they received a frozen ice cube baby in their cup of pink lemonade. The first person whose ice cube melted had to shout, "My water broke!" and their prize was the first slice of cake. 

2014-09-07 22.01.37.jpg
2014-09-07 22.08.45.jpg

The frozen babies also had an unexpected Hans Solo vibe to them (if Hans Solo was a baby when he was frozen in carbonite), so I strongly recommend this game if you are having a Star Wars themed baby shower (or if your guests are a bunch of nerds). 

Game #2: Creepy Fashion Baby Look Book

I wanted the dad-to-be to have some scrapbook/memory of the night to take home with him, but in all of my pinterest searching, most baby shower scrapbooks assume that your guests have constructive, expert baby advice. LOLLLLLLLLLLL

In case you were wondering, my suggested baby name was Rihanna.

In case you were wondering, my suggested baby name was Rihanna.

Instead, I made these work sheets and cut out body parts and accessories from ELLE, NYLON, and BON APPETIT.  Since my family and I are hoarders, I had enough craft supplies, glitter, and glue for everyone.

All of the baby looks were added the baby shower scrapbook. I can't wait for this kiddo to flip through this book and laugh at 2014's silliest trends. (Although, who knows, maybe ear cuffs are here to stay.).

Game #3: Mad Libs

The final game was mad libs, compliments of Love vs. Design's free printables. Obviously, I didn't whittle pencils for my guests because hello, I live in New York City and if I tried to chop down trees in Prospect Park for pencil purposes, I'm pretty sure the police would arrest me. 


So there you have it! Three non-terrible, enjoyably creepy, and 100% fun baby shower games for a non-traditional baby shower. And since I haven't had my fill of baby showers, in two weeks, I'm off to the Texas edition of this baby shower, where I'm desperately hoping there will be BBQ involved.