How to Make a Tinder Photo Prop for an Engagement Party

Two weeks ago, Vanessa and I were tasked with planning a surprise engagement party. And by tasked, I mean: It was our idea and we love throwing parties, so throwing a party for two people we love, to celebrate their love to each other, was a no brainer. 

Fun fact about the couple of the hour, Marley and Rachael: They met on Tinder. Who knew that was possible?!

I knew I wanted to incorporate Tinder into the party, but I wasn't sure how ---- did we really want to cut into a cake with their tinder profiles on it? (No).

Then I spotted this hanging polaroid prop and the Tinder frame was born. Step one was buying a piece of foam board that was almost as tall as I am (60" x 40" to be exact). Foam boards are inexpensive, but VERY HARD TO WALK AROUND WITH. Also, it turns out that when you carry a giant object, it invites strangers to shout guesses as to what you could be making. (This is probably my fault for taking it on public transportation.)

Step two was cutting out the hole in the middle of the foam board. This is much easier if you own a ruler, level and measuring tape. Since I own neither (because I am not a functional adult), we made do with straight edge objects that I DO own: books! The top of frame is the length of Jude the Obscurewhile the sides are the width of the same book. The bottom of the frame is 2.5 copies of Strong Is the New Sexy, aka Snookie's upcoming memoir. (LOL).

The most stressful part was writing the letters. (Although I'm probably biased because I made Vanessa use the blade cutter). My handwriting is... okay. Sticker letters or cut out letters could work here if you're a stickler for details. 

We had a very serious debate about which Tinder interface to use (LOL), ultimately deciding to go with the classic. I traced two large plates and one small bowl to make the circles. (Note: I would not recommend this unless you don't care about your dishes. My dishes now have a cheerful black Sharpie border around the rim, but that might bother some people).

I briefly contemplated drawing and coloring the heart, "i," and "X," but then realized I would be high from Sharpie smells in about five seconds. Instead, I cut them out of construction paper, outlined the edges, and glued them on.

 The last step was adding wedding bells (more construction paper + glue) and getting to posing. Eeyore was my first volunteer, although he's not exactly wedding material. (Sorry, Eeyore, but it's true.)

Luckily, we only had to wait one day to take this show on the road. Vanessa sneakily walked this over to the party house with a sheet covering it. She made it to the party in one piece, and a very happy SURPRISE! and many rounds of wine and cake later, we made the guests of honor pose with it.


(PS check out Karl the Fog rolling up to the party, even though he was definitely NOT invited).

Success! Next stop: the wedding, where guests can join in the photo fun too.

Congratulations, Marley and Rachael! <3 <3 <3