Dippin Dot Nails, or How To Salvage Your Polka-Dot Nails When You Can't Stop Watching East Los High

After my first nail art success with tape, I was sure that my next nails would involve an elaborate pattern of crisscrossing lines. Then I started watching East Los High on Hulu (one day I will do a HUGE post on why this show is amazing), and I immediately gave up on any fancy designs that would take my eyes away from the screen for even ONE second.

These nails are what happen when you are so riveted by TEEN PREGNANCY! CHEATING! STRIPPING! DRUGS! KISSING! DEATH! that none of your polka-dots have any consistency in pattern or size. It turns out if you add enough of anything, the clutter will take on a distinct, aesthetically pleasing pattern. (This is also an effective book plotting strategy, but does not work for home design, unless you are into hoarder chic.)

Seriously though, everyone go watch East Los High. If you don't, then it's like Vanessa says: