How to Make Emoji Potato Stamps

I LOVE emojis. Once, my friends and I planned our perfect dates in emoji form. Mine obviously involved petting dogs and eating strawberries. I'm not sure how I feel about the 250 new emojis that are coming--it's hard enough keeping track of all the ones that already exist on the iphone! 

I've wanted to make potato stamps for a while, though using an x-acto knife makes me very nervous. The last time I attempted to make potato stamps, I was 10 years old and accidentally stabbed the skin between my thumb and my finger (sidenote: what is this body part called?). But now that I'm an "adult" (LOL), I figured I should try again. I'm happy to report that I'm typing this with all ten fingers, so there were no casualties from this craft.

Cookie cutters are ideal for your base shape, but who has cookie cutters? I used the scoop that came with a container of Tang (Which was probably purchased for some form of jungle juice).

This part brought back nightmares of my stabbing trauma. 


I watched a few tutorials online, and of course, Martha Stewart's was the best one. She's a crafting/business genius, and makes everything look so easy. I found that my potatoes were slightly watery (?), and I'm not sure why hers weren't. She probably grew them in her perfect garden.

Sharpies seem like the best sketching tool, but once they get covered in potato juice, they are useless. Stick to roller ball pens. 

X-acto knife success! 

Carving out these guys was easier than I thought. I was feeling slightly homesick, so I put "12 Corazones," a Telemundo dating show, on in the background and pretended my family members had suddenly developed an interest in "hombres musculosos" (muscular men). 

I made the "ok hand" emoji too. I wanted to use my gold glitter paint, but it was too thin. (Boo).  Thankfully, my roommate had paint to donate to my crafting cause. 

Stamp, stamp, stamp.

It might be tempting to dip your stamp into a pile of paint, but these stamps require a paintbrush and patience as you brush the paint onto the raised stamp. After these guys dried, I broke out the glitter and markers. Below are a few of the cards that I made!

I would call this a success! Next time, I want to make the prayer-hands emoji and the girl who is flipping her hair. 


Update: Victoria pointed out that one of these cards has a major typo. The card has since been  updated to read "CONGAToS," and I am saving it for when someone I know adopts a cat.