✂️ Making the Cut ✂️

A weekly series of collaged sports headlines, appearing on The Relish's social channels.

That post-breakup ✨g•l•o•w✨ @barackobama is radiating it, @jennyslate is swimming in it & @jharden13 is 🔨records with it. This week, he told reporters that "personnel" & his teammates' trust were responsible for his 🔥🔥🔥 performance over the past year (aka he doesn't miss @dwighthoward) one bit 👋 Will it be enough to bring the #MVP 🏆 home? Tbd if the ⚡️is strong enough to take down @russwest44's #whynot empire, but we're keeping our 👀peeled. . .

Tom “no dairy, no meat, no sugar, no caffeine, no gluten, no night shades, no olive oil, no strawberries, no joy, no happiness” Brady is coming to terrorize your kitchen, thanks to his new partnership with meal-kit delivery co @purplecarrotxo. For $78/week, you can eat like a 🐐. We're not sure if we can get down with any meal plan that excludes Cheetos... so it’s a soft pass from us ATM. 

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